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IEC IBR Standards Available

IEC logo Below is a listing of ISO standards incorporated by reference in the Code of Federal Regulations.
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IEC 533:1977
Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electrical and Electronic Installations in Ships
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IEC 56:1987
High-Voltage Alternating-Current Circuit-Breakers
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IEC 60034-1:1996
Rotating electrical machines - Part 1: Rating and performance
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IEC 60034-12:1980
Rotating electrical machines - Part 12: Starting performance of single-speed three-phase cage induction motors for voltages up to and including 660 V
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IEC 60050-411 Ed. 2.0 b:1996
IEV Chapter 411: Rotating machinery
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IEC 60072-1 Ed. 6.0 b:1991
Dimensions and output series for rotating electrical machines - Part 1: Frame numbers 56 to 400 and flange numbers 55 to 1080
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IEC 60092-101 Ed. 4.1 b:2002
Electrical installations in ships - Part 101: Definitions and general requirements
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IEC 60092-201 Ed. 4.0 b:1994
Electrical installations in ships - Part 201: System design - General
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IEC 60092-202 Ed. 4.0 b:1994
Electrical installations in ships - Partie 202: System design - Protection
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IEC 60092-304 Ed. 3.0 b:1980
Electrical installations in ships. Part 304: Equipment - Semiconductor convertors
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